Snapping, cloning and extracting with selection editors


The new version of selection editors now includes the possibility of snapping to atoms and nodes, as well as cloning and extracting structural nodes. Selection editors (point, lasso and rectangle selection) can be found in the editors toolbar and the Edit menu:


Activate snapping by clicking twice a selection editor (or use the corresponding shortcut twice):


Snapping to atoms helps achieve precise positioning:


You may also snap to entire nodes:


For example, choose the “Structural models” filter. This lets you select entire structural model nodes:


Structural models can then be snapped to each other:


Besides snapping to atoms and nodes, the new release of the selection editors allows you to clone and extract structural nodes. For example, to clone a structural model, right click on it and choose “Clone selection”:


When only some nodes are selected, the hierarchy is reconstructed:


You may also extract the selection instead of cloning it:


Finally, cloning and extracting may be performed in the viewport as well, and is particularly powerful in conjunction with the Node Specification Language:


To get the updated editors, simply restart SAMSON 0.6.0 while you have an internet connection. This will automatically install the new version of the corresponding SAMSON Element.

Let us know in the comments below what you’d like to have in upcoming releases.




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